Starting With The Right Vacuum

Carpet cleaning is the never ending task, right? I know it can seem that way. So having the right vacuum for the job is a great place to start. And since this isn’t something you are purchasing ofter, let’s go over some tips to make sure you buy the right one.

So Many Types Of Vacuums!

I hear you! There really are a ton of them! You’ve got your uprights, your handhelds, robots, canisters… it never ends. Let’s break down all these types of vacuums.
Upright– Fantastic for picking up dirt and debris from carpet, stairs, and anywhere else. They also normally come with different setting and attachments. On the downside, they can be pretty heavy.
Robots– These are really cool! Self propelled, battery powered, and you can schedule them run when you want. They work really well for hardwood floors and low carpets. Definitely wouldn’t be ideal for plush or shag carpets though.
Canister– Separates the motor and the bag. Easier to move around and typically has wheels.

Um, Which One Do I Buy?

Well this really depends on your needs. There are even more types to consider than this. Do you have pets? What about allergies? What kind of attachments do you need? How is your cleaning schedule like? How big is your home?
Yes, there are many questions to ask and many answers to find. And obviously they are not all addressed here. This is not to overwhelm you, but to help you prepare and make the best decision for your home. Never to fear, the experts at Dynamic Carpet Care are here to help. We can schedule carpet cleaning for you! Call us today.